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Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

About 'Bluegrass Rox'


 Ever since a young age, Bluegrass Rox has found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with fans and people all over the world.

The original 'Bluegrass Rox' project was conceived to honour and revisit a legendary trio from Kentucky around the mid 1800's. Known as 'THE DIPSY DOODLE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY BLUEGRASS DANCE BAND' . They were John McCartney, Paul Lennon and George Starr. They were the first band in the world to mix different genre, the core of which was a new sound called Bluegrass, they took this sound and mixed it with tunes and songs brought to America from Ireland Scotland and England.

Legend has it that they also wrote their own songs but never put them to paper so they were never published. It is said that a lesser known band around the mid 1900's penned some very interesting songs that sounded very much like the 'DIPSY'S' songs but with a modern twist, (and apparently the members of this other band had very similar names too).... Is it an enigmatic trick of time that there is 100 years between the two bands? Or could it be that copyright only exists for 100 years?? Be that as it may, Bluegrass Rox has found some old archives and considers it a duty to re-visit the music from the 'DIPSY DOODLE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY BLUEGRASS DANCE BAND'. Some of the tunes are as close to the 'old' sound as possible and some have been 'modernised'. Bluegrass Rox hopes you enjoy the sounds and share the legend far and wide. I've just been informed that Bluegrass Rox rocks....


Take a look around the site to get to know Bluegrass Rox and all that he has to offer.

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