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PLAN 2020

Where am I now.

I have some internet presence but this is not optimized. 

I have a collection of self composed and traditional music (public domain therefore royalty free) instrumentals and songs, arranged produced and recorded and this amounts to a collection of ready to use material. I also have a comprehensive library of customizable backing tracks that can be easily and quickly customized to suit a performers individual style/genre and key. (this is a U.S.P.) 

I am competent on a variety of instruments and continue to improve existing skills and learn new instruments and write/learn new material including software music production. I currently use the following instruments/software:

1. Guitars (Acoustic and electric).

2. Mandolin and Canadian dulcimer.

3. Banjo (five string bluegrass).

4. Keyboard’s and Harmonica’s.

5. Hammered dulcimer, traditional East Anglian hand made (recently new).

6. Drum and percussion programming software

7. Sound engineer competency with recording, editing and mastering software.

I have recently focused on acoustic based atmospheric multi genre sound, using a variety of music styles/genre’s and instruments to give an up to date feel when recording/arranging public domain music. Mixing Traditional instruments with up to date sounds/rhythm’s and music programming is a unique strength of mine. (This is another U.S.P.)


Where do I want to be / Primary objectives.

My current focus is on an enhanced internet presence with the initial focus on you tube monetisation. You tube progress excellent, also now have a listing in ‘Folk root’s’ and joined a number of face book music groups and posting regular updates on these.

My own website to monetise my material and associated merchandise, customer focused with a view to also delivering customized backing tracks for performers. Highlighting the U.S.P.’s. Reverb nation website up and running, but continue to consider a ‘bespoke’ website.

Achieve a regular secure income for myself and to have a legacy to leave my children. (A bit late in life but hey I’m only human!). Nowhere near this yet but early days.

Achieve/learn the technical and internet marketing skills to a level where I can be less reliant on having to use outside consultancy.

Ongoing. Release an album totally independently (Remove existing releases from outside publishers control) July 4 th – removed all previous releases and new (instrumental) album finished and released via Reverb nation. Another album of songs recording started.

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